SlaughterhouseSpace is proud to present

The Seduction of Duchamp
Bay Area Artists' Response

October 3 through November 7, 2009

SlaughterhouseSpace is open by appointment
please call 707.431.1514

Radical Practices Live Auction

Saturday, November 7th is the final day to view the exhibit "The Seduction of Duchamp; Bay Area Artists' Response" at SlaughterhouseSpace. For a grand finale, the artist Justin Hoover is presenting Radical Practices Live Auction, a special performance that adopts the form of a live auction. Radical Practices Live Auction is an event that features over 20 select artists, all of whom are selling a “radical practice”. These practices have ranged from private performances, to singing telegrams to your very own rainbow. The artworks featured in the live auction are separate from the main exhibition. Please come see all this work together.
Please note the new time. The event is from 2 to 5.
The doors to SlaughterhouseSpace open at 2:00 pm for registration and the auction begins at 2:45
There will be time to see "The Seduction of Duchamp; Bay Area Artists' Response" before the doors close at 5:00.
There is very limited seating for this event and reservations are essential. We will not be able to seat anyone whose name is not on our guest list.
Please call 707.431.1514 to RSVP.
For more information about the live auction, please visit Radical Practices web site.

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